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The Magic Finder Lost Item Finder Graded Review

Don't you hate that feeling when you've misplaced your car keys, and you just can't seem to find them no matter how hard you look. Most of us car owners know what it’s like to not be able to find our keys right before we have to drive to something really important. I've also misplaced by mobile phone on more than one occasion and was unable to locate said devices when I needed it most. I'm sure … [Read more...]

The Turbo Roaster Graded Review

Most people either love or hate cooking big elaborate meals. If you love it, you probably own all types of pots, pans and cutters that serve various purposes around your kitchen. Even with all of these gadgets, the Turbo Roaster makes for a great addition to anyone's kitchen. Even if you hate cooking, you will most likely still love the Turkey Roaster. It will help you cook chicken and turkey at … [Read more...]

The Mighty Sealer Graded Review: Magic Product or Snake Oil

Rain and moisture do a serious number on homes and cars. Many people look for ways to easily protect their property against this kind of damage. Recently, a product called Mighty Sealer started gaining attention with the press. It caught our attention with the way it promises to seal leaks quickly and easily. We investigated the product and its claims. Here is the Mighty Sealer graded review: The … [Read more...]