Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover

Many women and men out there are constant sufferers when it comes to their feet. Sore heels, dry skin, calluses, cracked and painful spots, they are all reasons to feel discomfort on a daily basis. Calluses, as a common problem, are especially painful, damaging and unpleasant, many women admitting to be ashamed to go for a pedicure because of them. In this context, a callus remover comes in handy … [Read more...]

Silk’n Flash&Go Review

Achieving Permanently Hairless Skin with Silk'n Flash&Go Everyone has body hair they'd rather not have. Both men and women alike shave, pluck and wax to rid themselves of unsightly hair on various parts of the body. The main issue with these is that they aren't permanent solutions; the hair keeps growing back. Furthermore, some of these methods can be quite painful. With a unique light-based … [Read more...]