Avoid Expensive Tickets with Photoblocker Spray

They're the bane of almost every motorist; red light cameras. While they claim to help keep the roads safe, red light cameras often make mistakes and leave innocent motorists with expensive tickets they don't deserve. They work by taking a photo of your license plate as you pass through a red light, so if you can prevent the camera from capturing your plate number, you have no way of getting a … [Read more...]

Gripgo Review

You may not own a car with a built-in GPS and even if you do, sometimes it is very hard (if not downright impossible) to update and upgrade the maps. So you either get a mountable GPS or use your smartphone to do the trick and get you where you want to arrive. However, holding your phone in your hand, especially if you drive alone, is dangerous and uncomfortable, so following the same logic, you … [Read more...]