The Copper Fit Back Brace Pro Graded Review

After a certain age, not that far ahead, maybe even after the age of 25 if your genes or movement schedule enables it, you will start feeling some amount of back pain, first occasionally and then more often. While the intensity of the back pain doesn’t get really amplified until you’re usually well into your forties, the truth is that most of us will experience a progressive degree of back-related … [Read more...]

Air Climber Review

This Air Climber review is out to find out if the enhanced, affordable, As-Seen-on-TV stepper really does make exercise fun, as the infomercial for the product promises. The essential principle behind the device is that it uses air to eliminate impact, but also to adjust the intensity of each workout. The stepper promises to lift, shape, and tone the user’s legs with each step. It also comes with … [Read more...]

Acai Berry Review

You’ve seen them on TV and online. The acai berry has been the fad diet of the third millennium, if there ever was one, for many years now. There are countless products, including pills, tea infusions, and topical skin formulas, featuring this wonder food. All of them make the exact same promise: that the acai berry is going to miraculously help you lose weight, while also maintaining your youth. … [Read more...]

Richard Simmons Hope Project Review

Richard Simmons is a renowned exercise guru who has gotten people moving for many years. He has also been well known for his past diet plan as well. His newest effort, The Richard Simmons Hope Project, which can be accessed through takes advantage of his high energy to encourage people to permanently lose weight through exercise and diet education. It may possibly be the … [Read more...]

Butterfly Abs Review

A Fresh Look at Butterfly Abs Want to build up your abs without doing a thing? Sounds almost like a dream. But with the new Butterfly Abs device from, this dream may actually be a reality. The product claims that just by attaching the butterfly-shaped device on your abs and pushing a button, you can work out your abdominal muscles without having to get up off of the couch. All … [Read more...]

Free Flexor Review

Building upper-body strength can be difficult, especially if you're trying to evenly work all of your muscles at the same time. Many exercise machines and expensive DVDs claim to be able to help, but very few seem to do the trick. A revolutionary dumbbell known as the Free Flexor may be the product fitness buffs have been waiting for. But can this product live up to its claims?   … [Read more...]