Yoshi Grill and Bake Mat Graded Review

The team here at Graded Reviews really likes cooking. We also know that our readers have busy schedules and really appreciate devices that save them time. We decided to look for a product that could help outdoor grillers avoid some of the mess of  barbecuing while also making things easy on home bakers. We discovered this wonderful product and wanted to share it with you in this Yoshi Grill and … [Read more...]

The Mighty Sealer Graded Review: Magic Product or Snake Oil

Rain and moisture do a serious number on homes and cars. Many people look for ways to easily protect their property against this kind of damage. Recently, a product called Mighty Sealer started gaining attention with the press. It caught our attention with the way it promises to seal leaks quickly and easily. We investigated the product and its claims. Here is the Mighty Sealer graded review: The … [Read more...]