Use the iGrow Laser to Increase Hair Growth

According to the American Hair Loss Association, men and women in the United States spend around 4 BILLION dollars a year to treat hair loss. With so much money being spent there are numerous manufacturers looking to take advantage of those desperately seeking a way to combat their hair loss. Unfortunately, a majority of all products that are marketed as "hair loss remedies" are completely … [Read more...]

Gray Away Root Concealer Review

Women who dye their hair know that it comes a time between two coloring sessions, which are not always cheap if done in professional beauty parlors, when the roots of their hair start showing the natural hair color as the hair grows. Of course, some women tried different solutions to get rid of this problem, by using all sorts of sprays and shampoos without the desired results. How many times did … [Read more...]

Air Curler Review

The Air Curler promises to achieve two desired goals by women the world over, in one fell swoop. This accessory, which attaches to one’s hair dryer, allegedly both dries and curls the user’s hair all at once. Its manufacturers say it is able to leave hair soft and tangle-free, without inflicting any damage to it, like most curling irons will do. It is also supposed to be compatible with numerous … [Read more...]

Snap On Feathers Review

The fashion world is filled with ever-changing trends and "it" accessories. In order to be fashionable, it's important to recognize these trends. From chokers to stylish earrings, picking accessories to compliment your outfit is one of the most important parts. One of the newest trends in fashion are feathers, and the Snap On Feathers claim to be an affordable way to get in on this fashion … [Read more...]

Wen Hair Care Review

Hair care is an important part of everyday grooming. Keeping your hair clean and stylish, yet free from damage leads many people to try all kinds of products with varying levels of effectiveness. Now there is a brand claiming to be the paragon of hair care products; Wen Hair Care. From stylist Chaz Dean, this set of product may just be the last you'll ever need. Click Here for the Wen Hair Care … [Read more...]