Check Out the Vital Sleep Mouthpiece to Stop Snoring

Vital Sleep is one of many products that claims to help the user reduce or stop their snoring altogether. If you have used a mouthpiece for sleep apnea or to prevent snoring then you probably know that they are expensive and not the most comfortable thing to sleep with. What makes this product different is its ability to adjust specifically for each individual user. Other mouthpieces use a … [Read more...]

The Copper Fit Back Brace Pro Graded Review

After a certain age, not that far ahead, maybe even after the age of 25 if your genes or movement schedule enables it, you will start feeling some amount of back pain, first occasionally and then more often. While the intensity of the back pain doesn’t get really amplified until you’re usually well into your forties, the truth is that most of us will experience a progressive degree of back-related … [Read more...]

Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover

Many women and men out there are constant sufferers when it comes to their feet. Sore heels, dry skin, calluses, cracked and painful spots, they are all reasons to feel discomfort on a daily basis. Calluses, as a common problem, are especially painful, damaging and unpleasant, many women admitting to be ashamed to go for a pedicure because of them. In this context, a callus remover comes in handy … [Read more...]

Total Pillow Versatile Twist Pillow Review

The Total Pillow is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores, such as Ace Hardware, manufacturer’s web site, Amazon, as well as in local branches of Bed, Bath & Beyond. The main feature of this pillow is indeed its versatility, as it is a genuine shape shifter: it twists, folds, bends and locks into position, becoming a great neck, back and lumbar support depending on one’s needs. … [Read more...]

Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers Review

Cold feet are a problem many people, men and women alike, suffer not only in winter, but also in the warm seasons, as some forms of neuropathy or just poor blood flow turns into a constant, impossible to solve problem. Children and elders also face these troubles and the ill people need medication in order to improve circulation and thus keeping safe from forever cold toes. How many times did we … [Read more...]

Acai Berry Review

You’ve seen them on TV and online. The acai berry has been the fad diet of the third millennium, if there ever was one, for many years now. There are countless products, including pills, tea infusions, and topical skin formulas, featuring this wonder food. All of them make the exact same promise: that the acai berry is going to miraculously help you lose weight, while also maintaining your youth. … [Read more...]

Thermal Aid Zoo Characters

Using Thermal Aid Zoo Characters to Comfort Your Child Many of us have seen therapeutic pads that can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer, but new Thermal Aid Zoo Characters from are a brand new way to soothe your child's injuries. By combing a therapeutic pad with a stuffed animal, these pads aim to offer soothing comfort in a fun, exciting package. From … [Read more...]