GoPilot Portable Urinal

Ever had to drive for miles, miles, and miles at a time? Have you ever been worried that you’d never make it to a public toilet in time to relieve yourself? As any professional driver or pilot would tell you, this is a real issue that they deal with on a regular basis. Similarly, the seriously ill, who are bed-ridden and cannot make it in time to a urinal or toilet by themselves also needed a … [Read more...]

As Seen On TV DAP 25′ X-Hose Expanding Hose Review

The DAP 25' X-Hose Expanding Hose is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores such as DAP XHose website, as well as on Amazon.  It is indeed a hose with the interesting feature of being able to expand 3 times its size when the water is running and to retract to only 9’ in size when the water is turned off. It contracts back to the minimum length in a few seconds, it is light and easy to … [Read more...]

Air Climber Review

This Air Climber review is out to find out if the enhanced, affordable, As-Seen-on-TV stepper really does make exercise fun, as the infomercial for the product promises. The essential principle behind the device is that it uses air to eliminate impact, but also to adjust the intensity of each workout. The stepper promises to lift, shape, and tone the user’s legs with each step. It also comes with … [Read more...]

Slap Chop Review

How cool would it be to have the ability to turn any whole product into a meal in a matter of mere minutes? A device that is both easy to carry and fun to use, while also fully functioning with any type of food! That’s the promise that the Slap Chop, a hand-held food cutter, swears it delivers on. The infomercial is amusing, to put it mildly, especially since it features the same overly … [Read more...]