My Spy Birdhouse

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a birdhouse when all the birds are inside? What do they do? How do they behave? If you’re an avid birdwatcher, then the My Spy Birdhouse might just be the product you’ve been waiting for. The birdhouse allows users to see inside through a two-way mirror. Our My Spy Birdhouse review is here to tell you whether or not the product actually delivers on its … [Read more...]


Pet owners struggle with a wide range of specific issues, such as pets sleeping in all the wrong spots around the house. They try and educate their four-legged companions to keep off the couch or the bed, but for some this just turns out to be an impossible task. At the same time, it’s often tough to resist the pleading eyes of a cold, wistful puppy or kitten. So here comes a product, the … [Read more...]