Handy Gourmet 2 Tier Microwave Steamer

How would it be to be able to steam vegetables, fish, sea food like shrimps or crab legs inside your microwave oven, thus significantly reducing your cooking time on the stove and still preserve all the vitamins and nutritious juices of the veggies all in one basket, for a healthy, full meal with no fuss and no effort? How easy would it be to have a recipient to be able to cook two dishes in the … [Read more...]

SpeedOut Screw Remover

Has it ever happened to you to come across a bolt or screw that will not go further or come out of what you’d lodged it into? That usually happens because bolts and screws become stripped, broken, or otherwise damaged. While it’s nice to know what causes the issue, this doesn't do much toward solving it – even those well versed at home repairs and very handy have encountered trouble in dealing … [Read more...]

My Spy Birdhouse

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a birdhouse when all the birds are inside? What do they do? How do they behave? If you’re an avid birdwatcher, then the My Spy Birdhouse might just be the product you’ve been waiting for. The birdhouse allows users to see inside through a two-way mirror. Our My Spy Birdhouse review is here to tell you whether or not the product actually delivers on its … [Read more...]

Party in the Tub Lights

Most parents of toddlers know bath time is not really fun. The kids throw tantrums and act like total drama queens. The bath water has to be just right and then the tub has to be filled with all the bath toys you’ve purchased, in hopes of making the whole experience more bearable. Often enough, however, all your tactics and ruses fail and bath time just turns into a fiasco. But what if a simple, … [Read more...]

Potato Express

Baked potatoes are one of those simple pleasures in life that taste absolutely amazing – yet require a whole lot of effort and time spent waiting for the potatoes to actually cook in the oven. But what if a device came along, simplified the process, allowed it to be carried out with the aid of a microwave oven, and reduced baking time to no more than 4 minutes. That’s what the Potato Express says … [Read more...]

GloveLite Flashlight

Have you ever had to work in the dark, on a home repair or DYI project? How easy was it for you to see what you were doing? How easily did you manage to balance a flashlight, tools, and other items? What if there was one product that could free up your hands, while also generate a sufficient amount of light for you to see what you’re doing? In comes the GloveLite Flashlight, an innovative As Seen … [Read more...]

Flipeez Review

In the cold season, many parents often find it challenging to determine their kids to wear hats, in order to ward off colds. Kids complain that hats are unsightly and the situation doesn’t get any less complicated as said children age and turn into picky teenagers. Flipeez, As Seen on TV fun animal-shaped hats promise to address this situation and keep kids warm and safe throughout winter, by … [Read more...]

GoPilot Portable Urinal

Ever had to drive for miles, miles, and miles at a time? Have you ever been worried that you’d never make it to a public toilet in time to relieve yourself? As any professional driver or pilot would tell you, this is a real issue that they deal with on a regular basis. Similarly, the seriously ill, who are bed-ridden and cannot make it in time to a urinal or toilet by themselves also needed a … [Read more...]


Pet owners struggle with a wide range of specific issues, such as pets sleeping in all the wrong spots around the house. They try and educate their four-legged companions to keep off the couch or the bed, but for some this just turns out to be an impossible task. At the same time, it’s often tough to resist the pleading eyes of a cold, wistful puppy or kitten. So here comes a product, the … [Read more...]

Pedi Spin Electronic Callus Remover

Many women and men out there are constant sufferers when it comes to their feet. Sore heels, dry skin, calluses, cracked and painful spots, they are all reasons to feel discomfort on a daily basis. Calluses, as a common problem, are especially painful, damaging and unpleasant, many women admitting to be ashamed to go for a pedicure because of them. In this context, a callus remover comes in handy … [Read more...]