Hot Booties Blue Foot Warmers Review

Cold feet are a problem many people, men and women alike, suffer not only in winter, but also in the warm seasons, as some forms of neuropathy or just poor blood flow turns into a constant, impossible to solve problem. Children and elders also face these troubles and the ill people need medication in order to improve circulation and thus keeping safe from forever cold toes. How many times did we … [Read more...]

Stompeez Review

Let's face it; kids love cute things. Cute shirts, cute toys and cute shoes are all adored by young children. Some kids love their shoes so much they try to wear them all the time, even in the house, which can lead to problems with dirt and mud. Stompeez could be a solution, with slippers so cute kids will take dirty shoes off right at the door. Click Here for the Best & More Affordable … [Read more...]