The Facial Toner Machine

Have you ever wondered why all those “miraculous” facial creams and lotions don’t really make you look any younger? Even the best cared-for skin relies on the support of the muscles underneath. As we age, those muscles deteriorate and slacken. This leads to the face “falling” and contributes facial aging. To combat this tendency, we must exercise those muscles.  Unfortunately, that is easier said than done! Until now that is. There is a device that can stimulate those muscles, building them up and completely renovate your face. It’s called the Facial Toner machine. We are really excited about the Facial Toner machine here at the Graded Reviews offices.

The Facial Toner Machine

What is The Facial Toner Machine?

The Facial Toner machine looks like a headset that you wear around your face. It works by toning your facial muscles through nerve stimulation. You “wear” it during each session. It causes your facial muscles to contract and release. These contractions exercise and tone the muscles that support your skin. Eventually, they give you a more youthful appearance. Even better, you can set the time and intensity of your facial workout, making this something that just about everyone can use and enjoy.

Things to Consider Before Buying

While this device is a great alternative to surgeries, injections and other cosmetic procedures, it does require some commitment. You’ll have to spend about 20 minutes a day, 5 days per week, wearing the device. This regiment continues about three months. Then, you can cut back to twice per week. You’ll also have to replace the gel pads on the device. However, you get a three month supply with your order. And, replacement gel pads are pretty affordable on the company’s website.

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 Where to Buy The Facial Toner Machine

You can buy the Facial Toner machine online and you won’t need a prescription for it! We found the manufacturer’s website really informative: There is a video that explains how the device works. Additionally, Canadian customers can order from the manufacturer’s special Canadian website.

There are also some advantages to buying from the manufacturer: First, you can purchase a second device with a $50 discount. This is a great option for married couples who each want their own Facial Toner. The second advantage is that you get two forms of buyer protection: A 60 day money back guarantee and a 2 year warranty against defects. The manufacturer really supports this one which is a relief. Too many manufacturers don’t stand behind their products.

Final Word

You do have options when it comes to keeping yourself looking young. Unfortunately, some of those options are invasive and expensive. They’re also really time consuming.  The Facial Toner machine can help you achieve the look you want without a lot of expense or medical risk. Check it out for yourself and weigh it against the alternatives. You should particularly weigh this in terms of cost and time spent in doctor’s offices, spas and the recovery after a procedure. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, give the Facial Toner machine a try. We were very happy with our results.



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