The Magic Finder Lost Item Finder Graded Review

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’ve misplaced your car keys, and you just can’t seem to find them no matter how hard you look. Most of us car owners know what it’s like to not be able to find our keys right before we have to drive to something really important. I’ve also misplaced by mobile phone on more than one occasion and was unable to locate said devices when I needed it most. I’m sure that just about anyone who frequently misplaces his or her laptop unattended has cringed at the thought of it being stolen or lost for good on more than one occasion. Not to mention, you pet owners probably skip a heartbeat or two each time your beloved animal walks out the front door of your property. What if these things never come back to you or are never found? I’ve got a bit of good news for all of you just in time for the holiday season: there is a brand new product called the Magic Finder. This product promises to solve all of your issues with missing items once and for all. But, does it really work as advertised? You don’t have to spend your hard earned money to find out something is a complete dud. We’ve taken the liberty of purchasing and testing the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder for you!

What is the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder

The Magic Finder Lost Item Finder Graded ReviewI like to call my new Magic Finder “the patron saint of lost items.” The Magic Finder is a brand new product sold as a set of two electronic tracking devices. The devices in question are small enough to fit into your wallet. You can easily attach it to the side of your laptop or onto the key ring of a set of keys. Regular watch batteries power this device. As an added bonus, the manufacturers include the batteries. Keep in mind that the Magic Finder uses replacement batteries where competitors have built in batteries and must be thrown out after their ‘juice’ runs out. Users activate their Magic Finder is activated through a free app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Again, older competitors to the Magic Finder lost item finder only run on iOS. You track your lost items via a radar on the app or through sound and flashing light from the alarm. You can even use a reverse alarm if you end up losing the smartphone you paired with the Magic Finder. The free app can track up to a total of 8 Magic Finders. Magic Finder’s range is 15 ft. I can also tell you from my own personal experience the Magic Finder has already come in handy. I put mine around my keychain. The other day, I accidentally dropped my keys into a pile of laundry. Finding my keys was a breeze. I just turned on the gps. When I got close to the pile of laundry, I activated the alarm and quickly found my missing keys. If not for Magic Finder, I probably would have been late for work. I received a second set for free which I’ll use on the dog’s collar. I also plan to purchase a third Magic Finder to attach to the side of my laptop.

Things to Consider before Buying the Magic Finder

Is the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder a miraculous solution to those of us who tend to misplace our things? Like any product, this poses a few shortcomings to customers. We list these drawbacks below:

  • The manufacturers only sell Magic Finder on the product’s official website. You probably won’t be seeing this anywhere else such as Amazon in the near future.
  • The Magic Finder is relatively new. So, you probably won’t find too many complete, online reviews at the moment. With time, and depending on the product’s popularity, this situation should likely to change. In my opinion, this product deserves to become popular. Some of these ASOTV products have questionable quality. That isn’t the case here.
  • There is no way to charge the Magic Finder’s batter. You’ll have to change out the batteries by hand. If the batteries die, obviously, the Magic Finder will cease to function?
  • The Magic Finder is not a fool proof device against stolen items due to its limited range. However, this was never intended to track down stolen goods. And if the range were extended, Magic Finder would probably cost much more than it already does. It’s useful for situations in which you have at least some vague idea where you left your items (i.e. the car, home, or office).

Where to Buy the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder

As mentioned before, you can only purchase the Magic Finder on the official website at The good part here is that, you also benefit from a limited time only BOGO offer. Buy one set of Magic Finder devices for only $19.95 and you will receive the second set completely free. You will, of course, have to pay an additional $4.95 for both sets. But, that still leaves the price tag for the two well below $30 giving this deal incredible amount of value. The app the Magic Finder works with can track up to 8 items.

Final Words about the Magic Finder Lost Item Finder

After all is said and done, the Magic Finder works exactly as advertised in the infomercial. We recommend this product for anyone who’s having a hard time keeping track of their possessions. This product is a serious time saver. Just think of all those stressful times when you were supposed to walk out the door at a set time but failed to do so because you couldn’t find some important item. You could significantly cut down on wasted time and also put your mind at ease about your valuables.


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