Can these Walkfit Inserts Gel Insoles Relieve Your Back Pain

I’m a middle aged man in a relatively good shape, I try to stay fit as much as possible, considering my dwindling time and energy, but it’s not always easy. One of the most common problems that can really make me drop my morning jog completely is the occurrence of back pain. I know I’m not the only one suffering from it, so I bet that if the back pain issue could be kept under control more, a lot more people my age would give running another shot. That’s why when I initially saw the ad for the WalkFit inserts for running shoes, I decided I must try them as soon as possible, especially since they promised to be a solution for several other issues as well. Considering the expenses were negligible for the advertised outcome, I thought that even if I get ripped off, it’s still worth a shot. So I bought WalkFit and used the orthotic inserts for 2 weeks and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results so far.

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What Is the WalkFit?

First of all, let’s make a few things clear about this As Seen on TV product, the WalkFit orthotics. The WalkFit pack which you can order online contains 3 pairs of custom orthotics specially adapted to your gender and shoe size, as well as 6 bonus products (like a special gel lotion meant to relieve joint pain etc.). The Walkfit insoles are meant to be worn inside your running (or walking) shoes and they are a perfect match for most models of trainers. Unlike the common gel insoles you may find on the market, the Walkfit inserts are more durable and smartly designed, containing a lot of materials besides the gel, all meant to work together in order to relieve pressure from both your lower back area and your feet as well.

Simply put, adding WalkFit to your shoes will work like an advanced set of gel inserts that prevent damage to your feet (like callouses, corns and so on), as well as back and join pain. The product effectively eases the impact of each step, carefully distributing the entire force of your foot across its entire surface, preventing the usual shock.

Things to Consider Before Buying the WalkFit

In my opinion, these are the main Walkfit perks to consider:

  • The Walkfit orthotics really work as well as advertise, even from the first step. I’ve been able to follow on my entire running schedule after I started using them, so no more off days due to pain!
  • The extra products you receive when you buy the custom orthotics are really quite a nice bonus. Frankly, the Walkfit inserts were already worth the price even without the company throwing in these extras, but since they do, then all the more for the better. My favorite was the peppermint lotion.
  • You will continue to receive custom orthotics replacements from the company once you buy the initial package; that’s a huge relief.

Where to Buy the WalkFit

The place where you can get this entire pack deal is the manufacturer’s official website, as usual. Upon ordering, you will be charged $19.95 per month and be sent a package every 60 days. When you receive one of these packages, you will be charged a further $4.95 Sending & Handling. A pack contains the following: WalkFit Platinum Orthotics custom designed for you, 3 sets of arch inserts, a sandal adaptor (in case you want to wear them with sandals rather than trainers), a how-to guide, a peppermint lotion, a joint support formula, and acupressure inserts as well.

The Final Word on the WalkFit

My experience and the other WalkFit reviews I’ve seen around all confirm that the product is really a huge relief for all active people who frequently experience joint and back pains of all sorts. Even if the pains haven’t started yet, but you have a habit of jogging, I’d still recommend the product to you, just for protecting your joints and back from future pain. The shock of frequent running (especially in urban environments) is what causes these pains in the first place. The rest of the products, including the relief cosmetics, are not bad themselves either (especially that peppermint lotion!).

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