Wipe New Review

Will Wipe New Make It Like New?

If you’re looking to spiff up your car’s looks, you’ve probably heard of Wipe New by now. The product claims that you can use it on your exterior and interior to make you vehicle look almost factory new. And unlike competing polish products, it claims to be able to do so without repeated applications. But can this new car detailing product really replace your old, irritating polishing routine?

PROS:Wipe New

– Doesn’t require repeated applications
– Nano-technology both restores and protects surfaces
– Can be used on practically any vehicle
– Each double-sized bottle can completely protect up to two vehicles
– Includes free detailing kit
– Simply wipes on without the need to polish


– Shouldn’t be used on glass surfaces

Wipe New: What Is It?

Wipe New is a product that, according to its manufacturers, can protect and restore the interior and exterior surfaces of almost any vehicle, including boats, cars, RVs and more. It isn’t a polish, however, because it only needs to be wiped across the surface in order for the nano-technology in the solution to take effect. While this product applies in one go, polishes require buffing and repeated polishing in order to work effectively. After it’s applied, the car is guaranteed to look like new for at least two years or the manufacturer will refund the purchase price of the product.Every order of Wipe New includes a double-sized bottle of the detailing solution, which includes enough liquid to coat and protect up to two vehicles. Each order also includes a free detailing kit that can help you make the most of your detailing product. This kit includes two yellow cloths for applying the product to the vehicle, a pair of protective nitrile gloves, a special detailing brush, a red headlight applicator and a blue headlight polish block. When the kit and detailing solution are used together, they can give practically any vehicle a professional, long-lasting look that won’t fade or lose its luster for years.

How Well Does It Work?

If you’re used to polishing your car, using Wipe New is like a whole different experience. Instead of wasting hours applying just one coat of polish to your car or boat, just one go around with Wipe New can achieve superior results in a fraction of the time. Since it applies quickly and in one pass, using this product will save you a lot of time and hard work that would otherwise be spent constantly buffing and polishing. And since one application can last for two years or more, you won’t find yourself working on your car weekend after weekend just to keep it looking nice.The fact that Wipe New goes on quicker and lasts longer than polish also means that you’ll also be saving quite a bit of money in the long run. Simply put, just one bottle of this detailing solution costs less than a lot of competing polishing products. And since you’ll need to buy multiple bottles of those products, the cost adds up to a lot more over years. The manufacturer also guarantees that your vehicle’s like-new look will last for at least two years or they’ll give you your money back. This means that you’re literally risking nothing by trying this product.Everything that Wipe New does well is made even better by the complimentary detailing kit that is included with each purchase. While most people probably own a pair of protective gloves, it is nice to see that they’re included so you won’t find yourself frantically searching for a pair before setting out to detail your car or boat. The headlight applicator and polishing tools work tremendously at clearing foggy or worn-out plastic, and doing so will greatly improve your headlights’ effectiveness and therefore your visibility when driving at night. Lastly, the detailing brush is great at getting easy-to-miss spots when you’re applying the products to the finer areas of your vehicle. Overall, the kit gives you all the tools you’ll need to make your interior and exterior look amazing.

Downsides of the Product

There is really only one drawback of using Wipe New and that is that you can’t use it on glass or mirrors. If the product does come into contact with the windows or the mirrors on your car, it can leave a hazy or blurry look that may make it difficult to see. The best option for avoiding this is to pay extra attention to the areas surrounding mirrors and glass on your vehicle. If you do accidentally get some of the product on a window or mirror, they should be quickly cleaned off. Overall, this isn’t really a drawback of the product since the website and packaging make it explicitly clear that it doesn’t work on these areas of the vehicle, but it is something that you’ll want to be aware of before you decide to purchase the product.

Is It Right For You?

If you find yourself wasting time each week trying to polish your vehicle into looking like new, this product is definitely a good fit for you. The price of Wipe New is less than most polishing kits and it is guaranteed to last a lot longer. This means you’ll have extra time and money to spend doing the things you want to do rather than buffing your car trying to achieve impossible perfection. Even if you’re not the type of person to detail and polish your car under normal circumstances, the fact that Wipe New goes on in just a few quick wipes and lasts for years should be enough to get you to try it out. And since it comes with a money back guarantee, you really don’t have anything to lose.


  1. I purchased this product a month ago and heres just a few comments for potential buyers:
    1. its advertised as 19.99 but its actually about 35 bucks, you must purchase the detail kit with it (3 little microfibers cloths and a spongey qtip). theres no away around ordering the without it.
    2. the product itself is very ‘fumey”, its has a very strong chemical odor so definitely have good ventilation going.
    3. it goes on easily, but some areas may require more than one coat.
    The website itself states, high grit sandpaper is needed to remove wipe new from unwanted applied surfaces.
    with that, it works well with interior trim, but again , because of the fumes you really need to let the vehicle air out a while, obviously dont use it on leather. on exterior, you must allow it to dry a couple of hours. heres the problems i found- it does hold up through washes but if you have used it on black trim and go through a wash and wax the wax literally dries on top and leaves a very visible white chalky haze. blotches and drips in drying can happen as well on trim either by the product or by wash products. even days after applying wipe new, the product or excess can still be washed off and transfer to your glass or autobody when you are handwashing..i had to use alcohol to remove the wipenew haze from my windshield. All and all i give it a C- for effort, it seems its just as much effort to care for trim with or without using wipe new.

  2. keith starliper says

    The phone order system is the most irritaing thing I ever listened to. I do not know if my order was taken or if you billed me. I hung up after 5 miniutes of the prssure talk to buy more products and additional products. There is no one to talk to and there is no mention of a garantee. Again a very irritating system. I hope my bill is 19.95 with 7.99 shipping which is way out of the correct price for shipping. I would cancel the order if there was someone to talk to. I watched the viedor for cleaning headlight and it is nothing like what is shown on TV. I truly believe this is a rip off even after reading the reviews.

  3. Very expensive for what you get! They mis-represent what you will be getting.
    The product costs over $10.00 per ounce!! Order carefully and understand
    That you get a 3 oz bottle of product. Pretty pricey!
    Enough to do 2 cars?????

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