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XHose Review

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A Detailed Look at the Expandable Xhose

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It isn’t uncommon for hoses to bunch, knot and take up a huge amount of space, and that’s why the makers of Xhose at www.xhose.com have designed a new kind of expandable hose that can eliminate these common issues. This unique hose expands when the water comes on and contracts when you turn it off, which makes storage a lot less of a hassle. But how well does this new type of hose really work?


 – Contracts to nearly a third of its length when not in use
– Doesn’t kink like normal hoses
– Extremely durable
– Lightweight and easy to handle
– Comes in a variety of sizes
– Expands quickly


– Only available in one color

Xhose: What Is It?

The Xhose is a unique type of garden hose that expands and contracts automatically as the water is turned off and on. A 25-foot model, for instance, is only 9 feet long when the water is turned off and the hose is not in use. This makes the hose easier to store, handle and less likely to bunch or knot up. When the water is turned on and the hose is ready to use, the special material of the hose expands quickly to its full length. The hose is available in a variety of lengths including a 25-foot model, a 50-foot model, a 75-foot model and a 100-foot model. When not in use their lengths are only 9 feet, 18.5 feet, 28 feet and 37 feet respectively.

The secret to how Xhose works is in the special material it uses. Whereas a regular garden hose is typically made of a single solid length of rubber, this hose is actually comprised of an inner and an outer tube. The inner tube is made of a rubber-like material that, instead of being rigid, actually expands and stretches when subjected to the internal pressure of flowing water. The outer covering is a strong mesh webbing that stretches to expand and contract to always cover and protect the inner tube. With the two combined, users are treated to a hose that is not only durable and lightweight, but also works like no other hose on the market.

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How Well Does It Work?

Thankfully, the Xhose does everything it claims to do and it does so with an almost unmatched attention to quality and design. Almost everyone has experienced the problems that come with using a regular hose. For starters, they kink at the most inopportune times as they cut off the flow of water just when you need it. Then you have to deal with lugging it around and unknotting it when it inevitably tangles. Not only that, but storing it is always a chore. All of these issues are alleviated by this lightweight, expanding hose. When in storage, it shrinks down to an almost unthinkable size. Then when you need to use it, it almost instantly expands for immediate access to a steady stream of water. It makes owning a 100-foot hose a reality for those who really only have space for 40 foot hose.

While the impressive expanding design of the Xhose is definitely its biggest selling point, the truth is that the Xhose is also one of the lightest hoses on the market. A normal 100-foot hose can weigh quite a bit, which makes carrying it back and forth across the yard a huge pain. This product, however, is light enough to be carried across the yard by adults and kids alike. Even better is the fact that this lightweight design doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing durability. Thanks in part to the double-layered tubing design, this product is able to withstand not only normal use but also most kinds of light accidental damage as well. With a lightweight yet extremely strong construction, this product truly offers the best of both worlds.

Overall versatility is another area in which the Xhose excels. For starters, the product is available in four different sizes that can suit nearly any size yard or home. From 25 feet to 100 feet, you truly have a lot of options when it comes to length. Another versatile aspect of the product is that it can be used in ways that would be impossible or impractical with a normal rubber hose. You likely wouldn’t try lugging a regular heavy hose up a ladder to clean out your gutters, for instance, but with this product that becomes a definite possibility thanks to its surprisingly light design.

Possible Downsides

There aren’t really many areas where the Xhose doesn’t shine, but there are a few areas that could possibly be improved upon in the future. For one, the product currently only comes in one color: blue. While this likely isn’t an issue for most people, having a wide range of colors to choose from would definitely be welcomed by some. Another small foible of the product is that it can still get tangled at times. It’s a lot less common than with other hoses and typically only happens with the 75-foot and longer models, but it can happen. And despite the small possibility of tangling, the product truthfully never kinks, which is a good thing.

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Is It Right For You?

If you currently own and frequently use an old-fashioned rubber hose, it’s doubtful that you’ll be disappointed by upgrading to an expandable Xhose. You’ll save lots of time, work and overall hassle by making the switch. Even those who rarely use their current hose will welcome the added storage benefits of this product. It isn’t perfect, but it truly improves upon multiple areas of the standard hose design including added strength, lighter construction, expandability and overall ease of use. And since you have a variety of lengths to choose from, you won’t have to settle for a hose that’s too long or short for your needs. Overall, it’s a really good product that truly deserves your attention.


  1. Janet Chouinard says

    Love my X-hose. Light weight and easy to carry. Does not tangle and nossle works great. Getting ready to order a 100′ one also. Getting rid of heavy, bulky hoses.

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