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Yonanas Review

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Almost everyone loves ice cream. Recent reports show that the average American eats almost five gallons a year! The biggest problem with ice cream, however, is that it is loaded with fat and sugar. Yonanas is offering a unique alternative that means a healthier alternative for you and your family. But is a banana-based frozen treat just as good as soft-serve?

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  • Tastes great
  • Easy to clean
  • Healthier than ice cream
  • Includes recipe book
  • No more wasting bananas


  • Requires some manual force
  • Color options limited

What is Yonanas?

The concept behind Yonanas is quite simple; instead of making ice cream out of milk and sugar, it takes frozen bananas and turns them into a healthier frozen treat. The result is a banana flavored treat that looks, feels, and essentially tastes like ice cream. Other flavors can be made as well. Adding chocolate, peanut butter, berries, coconut or any number of different foods can create a nearly endless array of different flavors. All with the added benefit of being made from the over-ripened bananas you likely already have lying around.

Using the appliance is also fairly straightforward. First, freeze the bananas or other fruit you will be using to make your treat. Bananas that are over-ripe work fine as well. Once they are frozen, simply lift up the lid, place the fruit in the chute and flip the switch. As the fruit is processed, you will have to press down with the plunger-lid to force the frozen fruit through. The frozen treat will then dispense at the bottom right into any bowl. On average, three frozen bananas can make about two servings.

Benefits and Uses

One of the biggest benefits Yonanas offers is that it is generally healthier than other frozen treats, specifically ice cream. Where these treats contain a lot of fat, sugar and preservatives, bananas contain only natural sugar and lots of vitamins. This allows you to watch your diet or simply ensure your children aren’t eating unhealthily. It also has the additional benefit of being entirely lactose free, which means those that are lactose intolerant will have an excellent alternative that doesn’t involve soy or other strange ingredients.

Click Here for the Yonanas Manufacturer’s Discount Offer

Overall, users of Yonanas can save quite a bit of money as well. A pint of ice cream can be almost five dollars in some instances. Compare this to the extremely low cost of a bunch of bananas, and you can see how making your own treats versus buying them in the store can be quite a good alternative. It also can help you save money in that you no longer have to worry about throwing out uneaten bananas once they become over-ripe. These bananas can be frozen instead and used in your machine.

Lastly, the Yonanas machine is also impressive simply due to how easy it is to clean and operate. Unlike an ice cream machine which requires a lot of mixing and ingredients, this machine only needs bananas. This makes it easy enough for even kids to use, though adult supervision is still probably a good idea. Cleaning is also just as easy. The machine comes apart into several different pieces that can be hand-washed or thrown in the dish washer. In no time at all, it is cleaned and ready to be used again.

Issues with the Product

There aren’t many negative things that can be said for Yonanas, fortunately. It’s ultimately an outstanding product that works just as it says it will. There are some small issues that you may want you know about before purchasing. For one, the product is not fully automated. Once the bananas are placed in the machine, you will have to exert some force in order to have the fruit processed. This can be minimized by allowing the bananas to thaw a little before placing them in the machine, so it isn’t a huge problem.

Lastly, let it be known that there is only one color scheme available for the machine. Not a real problem at all if you like the silver and black design, but it may put off some potential customers.

Savings and Bargains

Since the demand for Yonanas has been fairly high, it can be difficult to find a real discount on the machine. Plus, the machine is already fairly cheap at the normal manufacturer’s retail price, so there isn’t much further to drop. The best advice that can be offered for finding the product at a potential discount is to keep an eye on the official site for the product. Usually they are more likely to offer special discounts than any secondary retailer will.

Recommended Recipes

Not every Yonanas combination you try will likely be extremely tasty, so here are a few recommendations to get you started. First off, dark chocolate, bananas and peanut butter is one of the best tasting combinations you can make. It is a hit among kids and adults alike, and while it may not be as healthy as eating bananas by themselves, it’s still a lot better for you than ice cream. Coconut, marshmallow cream, and bananas is also surprisingly delicious, but the marshmallow cream may require a little extra cleaning after the fact.

yonanas review

Don’t be afraid to try banana-free combinations either. The machine works great with any number of frozen fruits, so making your own sorbet is as simple as can be. For starters, try mixing frozen pineapple, mangos and kiwis together for a more tropical tasting sorbet. Or use frozen peaches and strawberries for a more down-home flavor that everyone will love.


Yonanas likely won’t completely replace ice cream for the true dairy devotees, but for many, it is a great purchase that will mean healthier desserts for everyone in the family. In most regards, it tastes just like ice cream and it comes at a fraction of the price. In some instances, like the chocolate peanut butter combo mentioned above, it can even taste better that any expensive ice cream you’ll find.